• Pula Superiorvm 2018
    Pula Superiorvm 2018 Uvjerite se svojim očima u stegu i zahtjevnost rimske vojske.
  • Pula Superiorvm 2018
    Pula Superiorvm 2018 Prisustvujte okršajima popularnih antičkih boraca u izvornom okruženju - pulskom amfiteatru.


Welcome to Pula Superiorvm 2018.

This is our 17th festival and we hope you will enjoy it even more.



We already know for certain that the children's joy has no end when it comes to fun and games, but especially when the game is includes a costume party. Pula Superiorvm this year brings a costumed, walk through the town, where kindergartens and lower grades of primary school will participate in a fun and entertaining parade in togas, and anyone who wants to may spontaneously join-in.

We invite all kids, their parents, guardians and grandparents to join us. Join us in the active learning about antiquity! The program will be opened by our children's parade mayor of Pula as our city has long tradition of being a Friend of the Children!

It is in collaboration with the Department of Social Services of the City of Pula and the children's city council,  that we decided to organize entertaining children's parade. The Program for kids this year will opened by twelve year old Mario Tomasic, student of the 7th grade elementary school Tone Peruško. He will lead the youngsters through the city with the  Birikinusa society, animators from Birkina - Association for the promotion of creativity and multiculturalism run by professional educators.

In order for the parade to be more interesting and fun, we bring you a brief pictorial guide with the help of which you can find simple ways, using simple materials make togas for kids and adults, who will then wear them during the parade.

The Children's parade will be held on Friday 14th June. The Birikinus introductory program will be running before the parade, the procession moves from the Forum at 10:20 a.m., stops at the Portarata about 10:40 a.m. and then continues to cinema Valli.


Barley beer is the oldest known alcoholic beverage, which is said to be inhabited by a spirit or divine being.  It is a drink with a low alcohol-content and supernatural qualities, perfect as a summer refreshment.  In addition to wine, beer in ancient times was considered a divine elixir of life and has often been used in religious ceremonies, mythology and feasts. The feast of  Pula Superiorvm - dedicated to the ancient customs, this year revives the tradition of beer, which the Romans adopted from the Egyptians and Greeks.  In ancient writings the Romans referred to beer as a drink used for detoxification, and was usually drunk by plebeians. For our plebeians, Days of Antiquity brings Favorit beer as an elixir and at affordable prices!


This year Antiquity ice cream will take you back through history to the ancient days. Your taste buds will beg for more! Hercules' club, Caesar's choice, Diana's touch, Agrippa's kiss and the indispensable Pula Superiorvm - are just some of the names that hide rich flavors of Puljanka's original recipes.  At the 12th Days of Antiquity Typical local ingredients, that were appreciated in ancient times can be found in the form of ice cream with white truffles and olive oil, dried figs, salty peanuts, walnuts, or dietary variations of vanilla, chocolate and yogurt. Try them all and find your favorite ice cream in a wide array of antiquity ice-creams Gelato Antico!

Gladiators (lat. gladiatores), warriors in ancient Rome who, for the sake of entertainment, performed combats umong themselves with swords, spears, using military and martial arts of the times will once again come to life at the 12th Days of Antiquity - Pula Superiorvm. The battles were horrific in the day, but today we awaken the historical context and in a fun and inticing atmosphere. The saying 'Panem et circenses', i.e. Bread and games will come to life in the modern sense of the games, as a presentation of tangible and intangible history, ancient arts, sports and entertainment.

Gladiators and legionnaires, members of the cultural society and traditional combat team Collegium Gladiatorium from Hungary - already well-versed in the gladiatorial and Legionnaires' combat, will complement another edition of Pula Superiorvm. They participate year in and year out and every year they impress and surprise us.

Along with our loyal Hungarian guests, the spectacle is joined by our very own indigenous Pula gladiators. The School of gladiators in ancient times was an indispensable part of every amphitheater. The School of gladiators in Pula is located on the northeastern slopes surrounding the Arena.  The Archaeological Museum of Istria, Pula Tourist Office and the Public Institution Pula sport decided to revive the Gladiators and establish a new school Pula 'spectacula Gladiatoria' which will be presented for the first time at the 12th Days of Antiquity.

We expect the Arena to be sold–out for this occasion. Just as in the times of ancient Rome, we will set a stage of entertainment for the citizens. These programs bring a touch of ancient heroism and adrenaline to the amphitheater.

With this avid display of gladiators and legionaries in original costumes, using authentic weapons, is an invitation to a spectacle you can hardly refuse, much like the one in the ancient times of Vaspasian. Apart from displaying their skills, there will be and the comedic part to the program, and it is followed by socializing with the gladiators and legionaries, where you can try-out your skills, or try the costumes and equipment, and also take photographs.

Tickets for the program in the Arena can be purchased in advance at affordable ticket prices for adults of 25 kunas, and 15 kunas for children, while for children less than 130 cm admission will be free. The places where you can purchase your tickets are as follows:our local bookstore Petit (Kandlerova 24), Agency Activa Travel  ( Scalierova 1), Outlet store Dulcis  (Flanatička 7),  Puljanka shop (Sergijevaca 4) and all gastro points at the 12th Festival Pula Superiorvm.

Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the event, at the entrance to the Arena at the following prices adults 30 kunas and children 15 kunas. 

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Pula's Forum is the central square since the founding of the Roman colonies Pole.



Portarata (the lat Aurata Porta Aurea, or Golden Gate) Square in the center of Pula, located on the south side of Giardina and the Street of Sergi at the beginning.



The amphitheater in Pula and Pula Arena is the largest and best preserved monument of ancient architecture in Croatia.