• Pula Superiorvm 2018
    Pula Superiorvm 2018 Uvjerite se svojim očima u stegu i zahtjevnost rimske vojske.
  • Pula Superiorvm 2018
    Pula Superiorvm 2018 Prisustvujte okršajima popularnih antičkih boraca u izvornom okruženju - pulskom amfiteatru.


Welcome to Pula Superiorvm 2018.

This is our 17th festival and we hope you will enjoy it even more.



The melodical voices of the mixed choir Rondo Histria will be another one of the musical numbers, which will enrich this year's 12th Festival Pula Superiorvm making it even more memorable - we are sure that the host of synchronized voices will not leave you indifferent. The special and charming harmonics of the singers, antique musical motifs, the tradition of choral singing, Rondo Histriae and the uniqueness of their musical expression are excellent ingredients in the recipe of the main square Forum to revive the atmosphere of ancient Pula.

The choir founded in 2004 cultivates the classical choral works and choral compositions processing in the region of ethno pop and rock music. Special emphasis, as the name clearly states, is placed on choral works created on the Istrian peninsula and based on the Istrian scale and Istrian musical idioms.

The design of the distinctive musical expression of the Rondo Histriae choir is mostly thanks to Mo who is particularly deserving . Miroslav Homen, prof. Neven Radakovic and prof. Vincent Buric. Behind the choir Rondo Histriae are a multitude of competitive appearances throughout Europe and the world from which they regularly returned to their native Istria adorning themselves with silver and gold sashes and prizes.

In order to gain practical knowledge that they will need in the future, student-volunteers from the Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture and Tourism of the University of Pula Juraj Dobrile take part for the second time in our activities program at Days of Antiquity - Pula Superiorvm.

Primarily students of the first year, who will be attending field instruction courses pertaining to Cultural and Historical monuments in authentic locations, revive and experience ancient Pula. This year as many as 30 young men and women will be joining the festival, learning how to turn ideas into a program and connecting tourism to culture in Istria.

The need for interdisciplinary design of culture and tourism stems from the need to provide a basis for cultural tourism, especially for contemporary man who wants to elevate his holiday by meeting new people, cultures, visiting historical monuments, reading different literature, dabbling in new economies , sampling local gastronomy and discovering other forms of the local identity of the area where he spends his well-earned holidays.

Festival Pula Superiorvm is an ideal example of an interdisciplinary approach to learning that combines fun, rest and relaxation with the history and culture of ancient Pula. We are proud to have been recognized with respect to this by a higher education institution such as the University of Pula Juraj Dobrile.

Everyday life in ancient times differed greatly from today’s modern hasty way of life, and if you would like to learn something more about it, then the Days of Antiquity - Pula Superiorvm event is where you can find the answers, with just a casual stroll through the city center.

Everyday people who are in love with this period will portray in several points the everyday life of citizens of Rome and rich patriarch, but also of the ordinary public and plebes.  Beautiful Roman women will teach the visitors of the festival, how to make laurel wreaths, and the artisans will explain to the onlookers how utensils and arms were used and made in the ancient times.

Given that the festival Pula Superiorvm every year attracts many tourists with rich cultural and entertainment programs, this year too, the Days of Antiquity have the full support of the Tourist Board of the City of Pula. An exhibition will be held at the Tourist Board, as part of  the exhibit part of the festival.  The exhibition of photographs is by local Pula authors, who for twelve years in a row have tirelessly recorded our events – to whom we are, of course, immensely grateful, as a picture speaks a thousand words.

The theme of the exhibition  is the Pula Superiorvm festival.  The 'Retrospective by Pula photographers' will display the most interesting events, people, shows, concerts, visitors, legionnaires, gladiators and attractive fights, costumes and other characteristic details of recently past Days of Antiquity.

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Pula's Forum is the central square since the founding of the Roman colonies Pole.



Portarata (the lat Aurata Porta Aurea, or Golden Gate) Square in the center of Pula, located on the south side of Giardina and the Street of Sergi at the beginning.



The amphitheater in Pula and Pula Arena is the largest and best preserved monument of ancient architecture in Croatia.