• Pula Superiorvm 2018
    Pula Superiorvm 2018 Uvjerite se svojim očima u stegu i zahtjevnost rimske vojske.
  • Pula Superiorvm 2018
    Pula Superiorvm 2018 Prisustvujte okršajima popularnih antičkih boraca u izvornom okruženju - pulskom amfiteatru.


Welcome to Pula Superiorvm 2018.

This is our 17th festival and we hope you will enjoy it even more.



The fifth season of the humanitarian fashion show „We Are All Equal“ will be held during our festival, Days of Antiquity – Pula Superiorvm.  The main organizer of the fashion show, Fashion Agency Tijara is the first and only fashion agency in Croatia to offer courses in modelling to physically challenged children.  The program is realized with the support of the School for Education and Rehabilitation of Pula, and this year with our support as well.

These collections are worn by brave and bold children with the goal of enabling them to socialize easier, raising public awareness to the needs and requirements of this group of young people as well as the possibilities and the contributions they can make to social life and the community.

The children are given a chance to present their qualities, interests and ambitions, reminding us all that despite our differences, we are equally eager to achieve our dreams.

There will be a traditional introduction in the antiquity edition of this year's fashion show.  As a customary annual preface to our introduction is „Coffee with Irena“.  Irena is a close friend of the participants of the show.  She was the driving force behind Tijara's work and commitment.  She has modelled all the fashion shows and received a Modelling Diploma.  Every year at „Coffee“, with the participation of experts, we run through themes of equality and differences.

The thought behind the fashion show is not to teach the children about the luxury of dressing up, but to teach them about personal hygiene and the array of choices that are open to every other young girl and boy.  Showing their support for the project during the show, local dignitaries walk down the cat-walk.  Over the years we have seen: Veljko Ostojić, Bojan Jambrošić, Vera Radolović, Boris Miletić, Ivan Jakovčić, Stipe Drviš, Neno Belan, Tusta, Bojan Šumonja, Roberta Razzi, Todor, Barbara Munjas, Vesna Nežić-Ružić, Lidija Percan, Ronald Braus, Franko Krajcar, Marijan Jelenić, Elio Pisak, Vlado Maružin, Igor Galo, Eko Bajrami among others.

Keep a look-out for us on the web at www.pulasuperiorum.com and find out other details like who will be walking down the cat-walk this year wearing a toga.  No shortage of surprises here!!


All are looking forward to it and it is arriving, the 12th days of antiquity.

Believe us when we say that we are in full preparations. We can state with conviction that this year's Pula Superiorvm will be better than the previous one, which means that this year will be the best. An enriched content, new gourmet surprises, new entertainment programs for children and adults and so much more ... Follow us on www.pulasuperiorum.com and anticipate this years festival in June 2013 with us.

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Pula's Forum is the central square since the founding of the Roman colonies Pole.



Portarata (the lat Aurata Porta Aurea, or Golden Gate) Square in the center of Pula, located on the south side of Giardina and the Street of Sergi at the beginning.



The amphitheater in Pula and Pula Arena is the largest and best preserved monument of ancient architecture in Croatia.