fazanaThe image of Fažana as a fishing town is the liveliest in the harbor, at the waterfront where close to the fishing boats and nets stories about fishing skills and luck are told. A walk to the small fishing museum, Fažana’s fish market, view of Brijuni from the wonderful seaside promenade, pause on the terrace of one of the many restaurants or along the waterfront while listening to the waves... all this is a collection of dear images that will surely be cherished for all times.

The name Fažana is related to ancient Phasiana and Vasianum. Very often the name of the town is connected with the field bird pheasant (Croatian "fazan") or pottery. In Roman times an especially important activity in this area was the production of amphoras, and the ceramics workshop of Caius Laecanius Bassus, who was consul in AD 64. The famed consul-imperial road Via Flavia passed along Fažana from Pula, echoing the thunder of horses and the creaking of wheels – soldiers, traders and post (cursus publicus), traveling towards the upper Adriatic regions.

In Late Antiquity Fažana belonged to the fief of St. Apollinaris. Amphoras continue to be mentioned, but mostly for the fine olive oil and wine. Viewed from the sea, this entire area, which was also known as "the land of basilicas", was compared in Late Antiquity by Cassiodorus to the "ornaments on the head of a beautiful woman".

Roman Valbandon


Valbandon, Fažana, Plaža (Beach)

21.00 h

Plaža (Beach) 

Roman villas and olive oil works, amphora production plant and gastronomy offer of ancient Roman recipes. 

As many as seven Roman patrician families had their magnificent villas built in the area of Fažana, together with small production plants. At one of these sites, in Valbandon bay, every July we go back into the past, all the way to classical Roman times! 

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Days of antiquity - Pula Svperiorvm, Forum Square

Days of antiquity - Pula Svperiorvm, Forum Square Days of antiquity - Pula Svperiorvm, Forum Square
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Pula's Forum is the central square since the founding of the Roman colonies Pole.



Portarata (the lat Aurata Porta Aurea, or Golden Gate) Square in the center of Pula, located on the south side of Giardina and the Street of Sergi at the beginning.



The amphitheater in Pula and Pula Arena is the largest and best preserved monument of ancient architecture in Croatia.